Special Orders (Quick Guide)



We are on a mission to make our systems easier and the shopping experience better for you. We have simplified the Special Order System for you. Below is a very quick guide to the Special Orders Terms. To be able to fully consider your options, we advise you to also read the rest of the guidelines and Special Orders FAQs through our Help Center.

1. Cut-off Dates: Special Orders cut off twice a month.

  • Batch 1 cut off date - 15th of every month.
  • Batch 2 cut off date - 30th of every month.

2. Payments: To help us expedite and maintain a systematic processing of orders, to address previous concerns regarding special orders, and to minimize customer bank visits and transactions, we now request for full payment for all special orders. Payments must be made by the cut-off date to be included in the current batch of Special Orders.

3. Fees: Placing a Special Order is absolutely free. There are no associated fees and extra charges if an order is completed. krafty + kaeratana will shoulder all international shipping expenses, duties and taxes required upon entry, as well as common hidden charges such as higher bank conversion rates so you don't have to worry about these when shopping. Most items remain at actual retail prices, with minimal adjustment/error margin and absolutely no hidden mark-ups.

4. Timetables: It will take approximately 10-30 days after cut-off to fulfill a Special Order. Beyond 30 days, orders may be cancelled with regrets, after non-fulfillment by our manufacturers, suppliers and logistics providers within the ideal time frame, unless there is a request to wait. Items are always subject to manufacturer availability and logistics' ability to deliver.

Important: Except for the fixed cut-off dates, all references to dates and number of days pertain to business days. We, and most of our manufacturers and logistics providers, do not operate on weekends and holidays. Schedules take into account the estimated processing dates provided to us by our manufacturers and logistics providers. Outlined above is the quick summary of the Special Order system.

We request that you continue reading about the full terms, conditions and other helpful information all detailed in our Help Center.  

The current terms and conditions for Special Orders are effective beginning 15th May 2017. Visit our Help Center for everything you need to know about making orders.



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