Noteworthy UK

Noteworthy makes its stationery debut this spring with the cutest on-trend icon for 2018: the sloth. Pictured hanging from branches, this marvellous mammal can be found on everything from pens, pencils, organisers and notebooks to file dividers, sticky notes, decorative tape and more! These lovable layabouts will bring a smile to your customers faces every time they reach for your stationery drawer.

Summer’s just around the corner, and it’s time to dust off the deckchairs and hit the beach! Evoke the essence of the classic British seaside with the brand new Noteworthy collection Pastel Hues. New to the stationery sector, the brushstroke candy striped designs in mint, lemon and candyfloss look good enough to lick! Classy, cool and with a touch of vintage, the stationery collection includes pens, pencils, an organiser, notebooks, file dividers, sticky notes, decorative tape and more. Plus, there’s nothing like a pom-pom dangling from your pen to brighten your day.




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